We produce paper and white liners to be used in industrial packaging paperboards. We offer different types of test liner paper: WT3, WT2, WT1, smooth or semi-smooth finished, with variable weights from 130 to 200 grams.


We have preserved the initiative, seriousness and integrity of the founders of this business. With time, we have increased competitiveness, knowledge and experience to create a good everyday working ethic.
Correctness, flexibility and methodology are the main qualities of our daily work that our clients appreciate.


Isega (German research institute in the fields of paper, board and food packaging) declares our products are suitable for dry food packaging.


A 50.000 m2 area is dedicated to planting 3000 trees all around our factory. For many years, we have been reducing water consumption, reusing it during the production process. We use exclusively recycled paper from separated waste. Our actions continuously support sustainability between industry and citizens, between man and the environment.

We are Italian leaders in producing paper and white liners for corrugated boards. With total assets of 60 million euros, we work in international markets, and not only the European ones. Our strong business and marketing philosophies put the client at the centre of our business: that’s the real protagonist.

We are proud to produce technologically suitable, competitive and high quality products.

We have got 64 employees, divided between the sales department and technicians.


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