Environment and recycling

We focus our attention on the environment and recycling. Using only recycled paper from separately collected and industrial waste, we contribute to extending the paper life cycle and supporting forest sustainability.

A 50.000 m2 area is dedicated to planting 3000 trees all around our factory.
The environment and the protection of our land are real sources of wealth for the future.

Water consumption

Following the best available techniques in the production of pulp, paper and board, described in “Commission Implementing Decision of 26 September 2014 Directive 2010/75/EU”, we drastically reduced our water consumption, reusing it in the production process.

Moreover. we have a modern anaerobic biological plant, comprised of one vertical reactor with internal circulation, for purifying wastewater. It is the first of its kind in Italy.

After the first chemical-physical treatment and the biological-anaerobic process, waters converge into the aerobic plant of the city of Castelfranco Veneto. By investing in it, Cartiera Giorgione contributed to its enlargement.

Special care for the environment and recycling are the first steps for saving our land

Energy consumption

For many years, we have been using cogeneration unit of electricity and steam provided by two methane-fueled turbines of 7.500 kWh and 4500 kWh that can guarantee total autonomy of the production process, cost savings and a huge reduction of emissions into the air.

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