About us

Since 1961, when Cartiera Giorgione was born, we have progressively improved our technological skills in the production of paper for food packaging inside and outside European markets, in a total environment respect.

Currently, we produce 135.000 tons of paper per year via an automated process controlled by computers with high technical standards.

Our main purpose is to guarantee the safety, presence and quality of our products through constant research into new productive systems, always finding the right balance between nature and industry. For this particular reason, a big part of the area became a green area.


The historic paper route started in China and moved into the Middle East, and then it came to Amalfi, Fabriano and Treviso in Italy. Castelfranco Veneto is an ideal link to the paper tradition and culture. So the story of Cartiera Giorgione began.

In 1961, some courageous businessmen decided to invest their resources and energies to create a paper mill in Castelfranco Veneto. They called it Giorgione. Since the beginning, it seemed an advantageous business, enabling us to reinvest profits systemically. More than 50 years later, we can say that we have won the bet.

Know How

Our experience in this industry niche, along with a particular business sensitivity in terms of technical-cultural formation and updating of the personnel, are the basis of our work.

In Giorgione Mills, human resources coexist with the continuous evolution and the high automation of production lines. It’s a philosophy that combines the advantages of small enterprises with the methods of big companies.

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