Our company Cartiera Giorgione Spa, founded in 1961, is 60 years old.


This year is a special year for us and with pleasure we remember it with you as it marks the 60th anniversary of Cartiera Giorgione‘s business and we are happy to share this milestone with all those who took part in its history.

Sixty years of work are a long way. They have been 60 years of targeted objectives, sometimes daring choices and changes, 60 years of constant commitment and a lot of satisfactions.

However, we want to consider this goal only one stage of the journey, convinced that there are still many to be undertaken with the same enthusiasm and tenacity that have motivated us from the beginning and that have allowed us to get here.

We have gone through challenging experiences and periods, important goals have been achieved that make us proud and it is nice to see how much the company has evolved and we can all be satisfied with the results obtained.

A heartfelt thanks goes to all the people who have believed in us over the years and who have made this enterprise possible with commitment.

We thank all employees and collaborators, a fundamental part of the company, for the daily commitment and passion they have dedicated to their work.

We thank companies, suppliers and professionals, serious and reliable people, but above all our customers with whom we have built up relationships of esteem and solid collaboration over the years.

A special thanks to all the members and to all those historical figures who have followed Cartiera Giorgione over the years with their tenacity, experience and effective direction, making their effort concrete.

Thanks to all of you for your contribution.

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